• City of Durban

    Durban is a large port and city in Kwazulu Natal on the South African East Coast. It lies on the edge of the warm Indian Ocean. The North Coast, north of Durban and the south coast, south of Durban are the main coastal holiday areas in the country. The climate is sub tropical which means that it is warm all the year around and it is ideal to grow sugar cane, pineapples and bananas.

    Durban is well known for its beaches and the golden mile and its surfing. Because of the climate surfing happens all year around.

    To accommodate the holiday makers there are a lot of restaurants in Durban offering a wide variety of foods.. Durban has a large Indian population and one of the most popular foods is a curry.. In my opinion the Durban curries are the best curries in the world.

    The Durban harbor is a natural harbor, it is the busiest harbor in South Africa, and today is mainly used for containers and the import and export of cars.


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